Google increases Android app refund window from 15 minutes to 2 hours

Don’t like the app you just bought on your Android phone? You’ve always had the option of refunding it, but now, you have a wee bit more time to make it happen.

An update to Google’s app and game refund policy, the company will now give you two hours to refund an app or a game you’re not happy with your purchase of, with an uninstall of the offending title sending your money back your way provided the removal is done in the space of two hours.

Previously, Google’s refund policy had to happen within the first 15 minutes, a time which itself was cut down from the original 24 hours Google once offered.

It’s worth noting that Google’s Play Store is the only app store we’re aware of that offers refunds, with no automatic refund service for either the Apple App Store for iOS or the Microsoft Windows Phone equivalent, and we’re relatively sure the few company specific Android app stores — such as Samsung’s — lack the refund feature, making it one of those Google does by itself.

We’re not sure what provoked Google to change its policy all of a sudden, but a Google spokesperson did tell GadgetGuy that the company “recently extended the refund window for all paid apps and games on Google Play from 15 minutes to two hours, giving users more time to download, install and try their purchases.”

So that’s something.

Now don’t have a reason not to try out some of those big, big games that cost more than five bucks.