Google launches eBooks for Australians on iPhone, iPad, Android, online

Looks like whoever said that reading was dead spoke a little too soon, with Google launching its own electronic book store locally.

Available for quite a few platforms – including iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets – Google eBooks allows you to read on the go. Also included is the ability to sync your reading position across all linked devices, similar to Amazon’s WhisperSync technology found on the Kindle app and Kindle devices.

There are a few difference between the versions on devices, with the iPad and iPhone versions are unable to shop for books, while the Android versions can. Many eBook readers can also be used to read Google’s eBooks, including the Kobo originally launched by Borders and Sony’s own electronic ink reader.

And because Google has its roots in the web, the company has made available a web-based version of its eBook reader, available for all with a Google login to read the books they’ve purchased through a web browser.

Google also looks to have the support of some of Australia’s largest book sellers, with both Dymocks and the Co-op Bookshop on board for selling Google’s books through their marketplaces.

Prices are about on par with what we’re seeing on Apple’s iBooks marketplace, with many widely available titles ranging from around $4.99 to $24.99.