Google makes it hard to get lost in Aussie buildings

You know those signs inside shopping centres that say where you are with a big X? They could be a thing of the past if Google keeps going the way it is, with the search engine giant improving its maps functionality with building-based GPS, so you never have to get lost again.

Just recently added to Google’s Maps technology and working on Android devices, Indoor Maps adds to the ease of use the regular outside maps has and makes it possible to help you get from point A to points B and C inside of a complex in a small amount of time.

There are quite a few places in Australia supporting this, with the list including shopping centres across the country, and pretty much every Westfield that exists. Airports are also mapped out, as are sporting venues, various train stations in Sydney and Melbourne, a few museums, and even four Ikea stores, with the latter of these possibly very useful for helping you make your way through the maze of flat-packed furniture in a jiffy.

It’s such a big list that we’ve included a link straight to Google’s Maps blog, and there are even more locations around the world with indoor maps from places in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Spain, the UK, and of course the USA.

Android devices can try it out now, provided they update the installed version of Google Maps, and anyone itching to add their own building complex or shopping centre can do so by heading to Google and uploading a copy of their floor design.