Google Maps returns to life in iOS 6 as an app

The original map resource for owners of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch has returned, with Google bringing the power of its maps back to iOS.

Ever since iOS 6 debuted and Apple gave Google Maps the flick, in exchange for its own mapping platform which it worked on with TomTom, people have made fun of Apple’s maps. They’re often wrong, don’t show detailed information, and generally feel less reliable than what was previously offered when Apple used Google’s.

It’s probably not hard to see that the iOS 6 maps were nowhere near as ready for prime time as Google’s own, which have years of development behind them, compared to what was revealed for iOS.

In fact this week, Victorian police actually urged people to be more careful when using iOS 6 maps after people became stranded in the Murray Sunset National Park while trying to reach Mildura.

Samsung took advantage of the situation this week (above) with a little four-wheeled drive promotional stunt outside various office blocks in Australia.

Regardless, this week, iOS users can get their feel of the proper Google Maps, at least on iPhone and iPod Touch devices, with an app now available through the App Store that brings it back, and even logs you into your account to find your older maps.

It won’t actually replace your own iOS maps app, so if you’re looking to make it your proper mapping system, just move your iOS 6 supplied one to a folder somewhere and put this in its location.