Google Pixel Tablet gets a price drop with a dockless version

Google Pixel Tablet standalone launch
Image: supplied.

Along with the launch of the Pixel 8a phone, Google also announced that it’s now selling the Pixel Tablet as a standalone device.

When it originally launched last year, Google’s tablet came bundled with a magnetic charging dock that doubled as a speaker. However, in our review of the device, the dock’s speaker stood out for producing “underwhelming audio”.

Without the dock, the Google Pixel Tablet retails for $729, shaving $170 off the previous bundle’s price. Again, it addresses an initial concern from our review that a cheaper standalone wasn’t available for people who already have a smart speaker. If you do want a dock down the line, you can buy one separately for $189.

Equipped with a Tensor G2 chip, the same used by the Pixel 7 phones, the Pixel Tablet is a reasonably powerful Android device. It’s also comfortably more affordable than the $1,299 Samsung Galaxy Tab S9. Compared to other tablets, like iPads, Google’s device natively suits media consumption better thanks to its 16:10 aspect ratio.

Like the rest of the Pixel range, the Tablet has also benefitted from post-launch support. A recent feature drop added a new Gboard voice toolbar, making it easier to use speech-to-text while maximising the tablet’s large screen.

As for future updates, Google intends to supply software version updates “for at least three years”, and security updates for at least five years.

Standalone Google Pixel Tablet release date

You can pre-order the standalone device ahead of its 14 May release date, the same as the Google Pixel 8a. Likewise, it’ll be available from the online Google Store in addition to JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, and Harvey Norman.

Reading between the lines, it looks like Google responded to user feedback and reviews. While the tablet and charging speaker dock might appeal to some, there are plenty of people who just want a standalone device that fits with their existing ecosystem.

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