Google, Shazam add spoken word for song identification

If you’re an Android owner and you rely on the Shazam app to work out what that song is in the shopping centre or that you’re hearing on the radio, Shazam and Google are now making it possible that you won’t have to actually press the icon to start Shazam, with a call-out to Google Now making that possible, too.

An update is rolling out now that will make it possible to ask Google to “Shazam this song”, and have Google Now load the Shazam app to start listening for a song.

More than the phrase “Shazam this song”, we’re told that the following words will also work, with “recognise” or “name” able to be used to identify, provided you end with “song”, “track” or “tune” such as “recognise this tune” or “name that track”.


“At Shazam, we’re aiming to make it as easy as possible to connect with the world around you,” said Daniel Danker, Chief Product Officer at Shazam.

“The only thing easier than tapping a button is not having to tap a button at all. Using Shazam with Google voice actions changes the game by making this process literally hands free, so people can identify and enjoy great music no matter where they are, or what they’re doing.”

The technology should be working for all Android users on a recently updated version of Google with Google Now, so 4.2 Jelly Bean and higher, with Shazam installed. If you don’t have Shazam installed, the simply won’t load when you ask it to “Shazam a song”, and will probably tell you where you can download it from instead.