Google Street View: now on every continent, including Antarctica

It’s been three years since Google launched Street View and now, they’ve run out of road. That leaves only one place for them to turn: the great white stretches of Antarctica.

While the tour isn’t as long as wandering down the several kilometre stretch of Parramatta Road in Sydney’s West, it is a whole lot more interesting, with beautiful blue skies, white icebergs and snow littering the background, and penguins all around.
Google has been cool enough to change the Street View icon in the bottom corner map over to a penguin, and when you click on it to drag it to a new place, the penguin will slide (above).
In truth, we don’t think Google has explored every road it can find, but the Antarctic project is definitely a cool idea (literally). While Google Street View Antarctica won’t make up for going there, unless you’ve got a spare twenty-thousand dollars lying around to take you on a very cold vacation, it can at least help you experience the seventh continent from the warmth of your home.