Google takes you to Tanzania with the Dr. Jane Goodall

Google’s Street View has taken us to some interesting places, and it’s now taking us to meet some distant cousins, as the search giant’s virtual tourism application lets us get up close and personal with chimps in Tanzania.

We’re always keen to see where Google plans on taking us next, and after checking out Cambodia earlier in the year, the Colorado River in America before that, some international art galleries in 2011, and a visit with penguins on the freezing continent of Antarctica in late 2010, you have to wonder what Google has in store for people using StreetView.

Apparently, the answer this week is chimpanzees, as the search company teams up with Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute to see life through the eyes of a chimp in Tanzania.

As usual, it’s an educational romp handled through the web browser of anyone who wishes to try it, with this version of the StreetView Trek encouraging you to explore Gombe National Park and get up close and personal with someone jumping from tree to tree.

Now if only we had one of those virtual reality gadgets Samsung was bringing out, we could make it seem really real. And maybe a heater. Or a fan. Or both.

Source: Google