Google to roll out family plans to Play Music

You can call this one of those first world problems, but whenever someone at home plays something on the Google Play Music account, this journalist’s music stops playing on his phone. But not anymore.

In the next few days, Google will be adding a plan to its Play Music services, increasing the “unlimited” plan by allowing more than one device to connect to its service at any one time.

Currently, the service limits accounts to one service being concurrently run, meaning if you use it at home with something like a Sonos or a Samsung Music system and then try to use a phone somewhere else, the service will stop on one limiting playback.

But over the next few days, the regular $11.99 plan will add a $17.99 plan delivering up to six concurrent devices at the same time, joining the likes of Spotify and Apple Music which too offer the same sort of connectivity for similar prices, if not the same. As a point, Apple Music appears to offer identical pricing, with apps across both major ecosystems just like Google.

The folks over at Google Australia have said this should be live now, though our research suggests that it’s more of a “expect it in the next few days” sort of affair, because the services operated by GadgetGuy staffers aren’t showing the updated plan options, even if the app is listing it in its change-log.

In any case, expect the updates shortly, which should be handy for those of you living in shared households keen to someday the unlimited music connection across the devices in your home, be it owned by you, your spouse, or your kids, too.