Google to take on Apple with its own music and movies solution

On the announcement of its 100-millionth activated Android phone, Google has launched its plan to really take the fight to Apple’s ecosystem, by introducing movie and music downloads to its Android Market.

Google Music will offer free music streaming over the cloud, connecting Android 2.2 and higher devices to the web so they can hear their favourite tracks. The service will let you upload up to 20,000 of your own songs, but won’t be able to be used for purchasing new tracks. Not yet, anyway, as Google says music purchases are coming, just not this week.

Movies will also play a part, with Google rolling out a movie rental service through the Android Market. Videos look like they’ll be available in both standard definition and high definition, with pricing similar to what other services are charging.

Both movies and music will join books – a service that has already been made available to Americans – offering a downloadable library to anyone with an Android phone.

Sadly, none of these services – music, movies, or books – are available in Australia, with no time frame for when any of these will be coming. We hope it will be soon, but given how long it took for Apple to seal the deal with Australian music and movie companies on iTunes, can’t imagine it will be within the next three months.