Google treks to Cambodia for Angkor StreetView

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Google seems to be making an effort to explore every part of the world, adding one of the largest religious monuments in the world to the list of places you can visit virtually.

If the overseas ticket to Cambodia isn’t quite within your grasp and you’re itching to explore somewhere other than where you left the remote or change for the next coffee, Google has added Angkor Wat to its StreetView Treks, a website that already lets you take a walk around Venice, the Taj Mahal, the Mt. Everest, and even Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The additions to StreetView mean you can explore historic temples and get close to the carvings and art along the walls, a feat that would normally require you being there, and now can be seen through a simple web browser.

Google’s latest inclusion joins the Colorado River, which was added to the Google StreetView Treks page last month, and made it possible for anyone to experience what it was like to go down one of America’s largest rivers without dropping their phone in the drink.