Google’s April Fools Day prank brings retro back

If you’re a regular reader of GadgetGuy, you know that we like to plant at least one fake story in the April 1st news feed, and while we were happy with our special little April Fools story, it doesn’t come close to a time waster from Google.

This year, Google’s big April Fools prank feels like it should be a tie-in with an upcoming movie, and yet appears to be a nod to one of the oldest video games of all time, and one that works nicely with one of Google’s best known products.

That product is Google Maps, and the video game is Pac-Man, with Google’s first April Fools Day joke being an interactive game of Pac-Man that plays out inside Google Maps.

Or, to put it simply, Pac-Man in your town.


Simply load up Pac-Man– err, we mean Google Maps, take a gander around a place with plenty of roads, and look for the Pac-Man button on the screen.

Pressing it will kick in a little guided rectangle which will find the right place to play, plonk the characters down on the screen, and make a map of Pac-Man for you to play.

Why you could play on the streets of Sydney, or at Albert Park like the Formula One cars.


Seriously, it’s a wonder we got any work done today at all.

Here’s hoping Google keeps this one as something you can do whenever you feel like it, not just on April 1st.


(And for the record, we were quite happy with our Belkin Nook Book Bag, which is not, sadly, a real product!)