Instead, everything is synchronised to your Google account, and regardless of what computer you use for your main machine – Windows, Mac, or even Linux – all you need to do is open the Chrome browser on that machine (or even a different browser accessing your Google account) and you’ll be able to see the files.

Essentially, even owners of Android phones will be able to see the files, as the synchronisation of files should occur there.

For $299, it’s an intriguing offer, and with an emphasis on writing, web surfing, and a world that’s constantly connected, as well as the small size and pricing, it’s hard not to see that students are the obvious target here.

In fact anyone existing in a very Google-connected world should find this an intriguing proposition, given how well connected everything is.

We’re reviewing one right now, however, and should have a full write-up on this shortly.

Only one model of the Acer Chromebook is slated to hit Australia at the moment, with no 3G model available yet, though Acer’s people tell us there are more possibly in the pipeline.

Acer’s Chromebook will hit retailers (JB HiFi and Harvey Norman to start with) from today, with a recommended retail price of $299.