Google’s Doodles celebrates a birthday with Mr. Men

If you turn on your computer and head to Google today, you may be greeted with a charming surprise straight out of your childhood.

In honour of Roger Hargreaves 76th birthday, Google has been taken over by Mr Men and Little Miss, featuring 16 different logos inspired by the books made for children.

Hargreaves passed away in the late eighties, but his books are still as popular as ever, with much of the work handled by his son Adam Hargreaves.

Google’s replaces its logo with “Doodles” whenever an event or birthday is big enough in a region to warrant one. Recently, Google replaced its logo with a special Doodle for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Some Doodles are even animated, such as the one that appeared on March 31 celebrating Robert Bunsen’s 200th birthday.

Head on over to Google today and check out the different logos, and make sure to refresh the page to see all sixteen!