Apple Watch owners with a love for filming their exploits with action cameras may have just been given one more reason to pick GoPro over the competition: controls on a smartwatch.

This week, GoPro has announced that its GoPro app for iOS is now Apple Watch compatible, delivering a start and stop record button to an Apple Watch, while also being able to change capture modes and preview what shots look like.

You won’t, unfortunately, be using this update to watch the camera through your watch, and that’s probably a good thing given it’ll just lead you to walking into a wall of some kind, but you can at least set it up to control the camera simply by touching your watch, letting you keep that phone in a nearby pocket or small piece of luggage.

The app will also deliver a few improvements to the iOS and Android app, such as being able to snag photos from videos, while media filtering has also been brought to the app.


But the real catch here is the GoPro app for Apple Watch, with no direct counterpart for either a Google Android Wear watch or even Samsung’s Tizen-based devices, giving Apple a slight edge if this sort of feature is important to you.

Testing it this week, the feature is pretty easy to get the hang of, and once the app is loaded, you’ll use the digital crown to change modes, alternating between video, photo, burst, and time-lapse, while the red record button stays the same.