GoPro goes with free video editing software

Freebies always make us smile, and video camera company GoPro has one that will make filmmakers smile, as it releases a free video editor for Mac and Windows.

Developed by the brand that practically kickstarted the action camera revolution that has taken place over the past couple of years, GoPro’s Studio 2.0 software is a new non-linear editing solution that aims to help video makers get their thoughts out of the camera and into an edited video, so everyone else can see what they were trying to get across.

The program includes templates to make action videos easy, as well as ways to adjust fisheye, playback speeds, add titles and music, and trim videos so that they match what the filmmaker is trying to get across.

Interestingly, while it’s been developed by the GoPro makers, you don’t need a GoPro action camera to use the software, as it’s compatible with video formats pushed out by other cameras, including Canon and Nikon.

In fact, provided it’s been shot in H.264 MP4 or MOV, GoPro tells us that the video should work in its software with no problems.

Studio 2.0 software is available free from the GoPro website now, capable of running on both Windows and Mac OS X.