Gorillapod extends its grip with the Go-Go

The Gorillapod Go-Go! is a one-of-a-kind mobile entertainment kit that allows you to position or attach your handheld devices almost anywhere. From mobile phones, to portable multimedia players players, to PDAs, TO GPS devices, to digital cameras, the Go-Go! can handle practically any device in virtually every situation.

Its legs, comprised of more than thirty ball-and-socket segments, bend and rotate 360º. This allows users to wrap the Gorillapod Go Go around anything handy – a tree branch, hang it from a railing, perch it on the roof of a car, hang it from the rearview mirror inside the car to easily glance at your GPS.

Included in the package are a universal adapter screw for digital cameras, suction cup which provides a vacuum tight hold to virtually any flat surface (while not damaging the surface), and 2 high bond adhesive clips.

The Gorillapod range has been a very handy accessory for photographers for a few years now, and has been a big success for the makers, Joby. and this new addition should

Price and availability

You can pick up Gorillapod Go-Go at all major retailers of camera and adventure gear, and it has an RRP of $34.95 to $39.95.

Gorillapod Go-Go

Source: Maxwell Australia and GadgetGuy staff