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When you don’t have an address, POIs are the quickest way to help find what you’re looking for

If you’ve ever watched your petrol gauge winding down with no idea where the nearest pump might be, or just wanted to find fun places to visit on a trip, then you’ll find the addition of Points of Interest – generally abbreviated to POI – helpful. One of the most useful POIs for drivers will be petrol stations, but a good POI database can cover so much more.

Points of Interest can provide an instant location for nearby services, such as a hospital, or shopping centre. Street addresses are handy and phone numbers are a must – especially with the growing number of GPS devices offering Bluetooth phone synchronisation. Having a tailored solution that offers the best-sorted consumer POI information possible will help ensure you always have great information at your fingertips.

Here are a few key ways you can use POI information and a GPS device to make your life easier.

Keeping the kids busy

Kids and GPSThere’s little that’s more stressful than a back seat full of kids becoming rapidly bored. GPS can’t do much to keep them quiet on the trip, but knowing where a nearby park, pool, beach or shopping centre is (depending on the age of your kids) can be the difference between being driven accurately, and being driven nuts.



Dining and GPSA good, updated POI database is like having a good food guide in your car at all times. You don’t have to spot the restaurant sign, or look up the phone number online, as it’s there for you in your car. If you’re in unfamiliar territory and unsure what you want to eat, it’s also a great way to quickly survey the nearby eateries for ideas.


Doctor, doctor!

Doctors and GPSThere’s nothing worse than being on holiday and feeling sick – except feeling sick and not knowing where a nearby medical professional is. A quick POI search for a nearby doctor or hospital and you’ll be back on your feet in no time flat.


Park and shop

Parking and GPSShopping can be enjoyable, but not if you can’t find the right shop – and certainly not if you’re left fuming while driving around trying to find a parking space. Selecting the parking POI will let you know where suitable parking stations are nearby, and have you shopping quickly and without fuss.