The GR-D250 is one of the cheapest MiniDV cameras on the market at $699 and provided you keep that in mind, it?s reasonable value. Like most cameras at this price, video quality won?t knock you over with its sharpness but it?s better than other similarly-priced cameras. The 25x optical zoom gives you more pulling power than any other camera at this price but the electronic image stabiliser (EIS) can?t cope with handheld capture at that level.

Placing the stereo mics at the front does little for wind but it cuts handling noise down. There?s no remote and its Digital Night Colour Scope is little more than still shots on tape. There?s also no analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) so if you?ve got those old analog tapes that need converting, look elsewhere.

You can?t expect too much at this price but the D250 delivers more than most.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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25x optical zoom, passable video quality.
No ADC, no remote, no flash memory.