The GR-D290AA is the step up from JVC?s budget priced D250AA model. So what do you get for an extra 200 bucks? Well quite a few things as it turns out. For starters, there is a remote control, which for self-portraits and the like can be very handy; they are also useful when putting cameras on booms. Next, is analog input so the D290AA can be used as a pseudo VCR or even a pass-through device to get analog video into a PC through the Firewire port. There is also an SD card slot as the D290AA can take digital still shots ? although an 8Mb card is not going to get you far.

In basic terms, this is a no fuss, no nonsense camera ideally suited as an entry level camcorder with a few more features than the basic model. At the price it?s a good buy.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Clear LCD even outdoors, value for money, 25x optical zoom.
Supplied DVD creation software quite basic.