Groove Coaster (iPad app)

If you started your day hoping someone would find you a crazy game that mixes music and touch, here’s your answer: Groove Coaster, a new title for the iPad that takes funky electronic music and blends it with retro art and beat matching.

Created by one of the minds behind a recent Space Invaders remake on the iPad, Groove Coaster takes you on a rollercoaster through electronic music, combining Guitar Hero beat matching gameplay with a unique artistic style.

What makes Groove Coaster interesting is the graphics, with visuals that remind us of a mixture of Tron, Space Invaders, and the colourful vector art that gets splashed all over the Internet. As you play, the camera will rotate, change angles, and in general make you feel as if you’re flying through the crazy music that’s pumping through your iPad.

But if the idea of touching your iPad to the rhythm of the music sounds like child’s play, think again: Groove Coaster is harder than it seems. Once you go above the easy and medium settings, hitting the beats in time with the music becomes harder, especially with how funky some of the timing can be.

Groove Coaster isn’t for everyone, but if you’re into games like Tap Tap Revenge or Guitar Hero and want something that looks fantastic, you’ll want to check it out.


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