Grow your own greens in your kitchen


Brazilian design student Kleber Puchaski has created a quirky concept product called Hydrosphere that allows you to grow your own vegetables from the convenience of your own kitchen.

Hydrosphere is a transparent, polycarbonate ball standing 42 cm high that allows people to watch their small fruits and vegies growing from both above and beneath the ground. Powered by a solar panel, this concept is self sustaining, taking its energy directly from nature and transferring it to an internal light system. Hydrosphere was inspired by hydroponics, a crop production system using mineral nutrient solutions (instead of soil) to cultivate and manage vegetable growth, and retro nutrients are circulated around the roots via water. A central growth lamp automatically sets the right temperature and light levels to encourage good growth.

Puchaski?s Hydrosphere concept was among the finalists in this year?s Electrolux Design Lab competition, a global competition that challenged students to seek food preservation and preparation solutions that promote healthy eating habits for the consumer in 2016.

Unfortunately Electrolux has no plans to commercialise Hydrosphere.

Source: Electrolux