Grundig CDS2500IP Music Station

Reviewer: Alex Kidman

Grundig’s CDS2500IP has quite possibly the longest product suffix we’ve ever seen, but then it’s somewhat justified when you realise this is dock isn’t just limited to iPod playback – it’ll handle everything from radio to CD and even MP3 files stored on SD cards.

The one big drawback with this ‘plays everything’ approach is that it’s not a particularly portable unit. For a start, this is a big – 400 x 185 x 240 mm (WHD) – and heavy unit, and moreover, it’s tethered by a power plug, with no battery option.

Having said that, it’s also a real pleasure for any iPod owner to use; the docking connector is located front and centre of the station, and converters are provided for every iPod type. The remote control is generously laid out, with controls for just about everything we could think of to do with your music, although not all functions will work on an iPod per se.

The thing that made the Grundig stand out from most of the rest of the pack was the audio quality on offer, with lots of sound nuances making it through, both in bass and treble terms. It’s helped by a number of presets that really do make a difference to the audio experience, but even on a generic setting the CDS2500IP sounded great for a small stereo system.

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Plays everything, not just the iPod, good sound quality.
No real portability, heavy.