Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker – instant rock godness

Air Guitar Rocker is a portable device that clips to your belt to give you the freedom to jam wherever and whenever you want. It’s just the perfect thing for air guitar aficionados and it means that the bedroom, lounge room or bathroom become the perfect venue. However, now you can take your air guitar skills to a wider audience and rock on the way to school, to work, or really anywhere that the mood takes you. It’s all about releasing the ‘savage guitarist’ within…

The songs

The technology consists of magnetic guitar picks and a high-tech belt buckle that connects to a wearable mini-amplifier, into which slides an Air Cartridge which has the songs. And yes, Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water is one of the songs, a well as Boston’s More Than A Feeling, Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, You Really Got Me by The Kinks, Black Sabbath’s Iron Man and 5 original Air Guitar Rocker freestyle riffs.

Additional Air Cartridges with more riffs will eventually go on sale to extend your Air Guitar repertoire.

How it works

When the Air Guitar Rocker pick is waived in front of the buckle a chord is played, triggering the detector and unleashing a power rock session.

The air guitarist controls the tempo of the riff by how fast the pick is waived in front of the belt buckle. And if you need to get a bit of confidence before you soak up the limelight, there’s an active demo mode to take you through the finer points of air guitar greatness.

Price and availability

Available at Dick Smith PowerHouse and Dick Smith Electronics stores nationally from early May, at an RRP of $39.95.

Source: Jada Toys and Gadget Guy staff