Guitar Rising, a videogame using real guitars – coming soon?

I’m trialling The Beatles: Rock Band at the moment, and while I’m loving it to death, I find that I often seem to shift down a button on the guitar, so when I think I’m fretting the green button, I am in fact fretting the red button, or only partially pressing the green.

As a joke, I mentioned my Rock Band guitar game controller issue on Twitter, and that I perhaps need to use a capo. One reply was that someone out there, in out there land, is working on a game called Guitar Rising, in which you use a real guitar as the game controller. That someone is a company called Game Tank.

It seems Game Tank have been showing this game at events for a couple of years now, with no conformation of an actual release date. On on their website under the News tab, are the words ‘Product to be released in 2009.’. That looks a little doubtful, now being December 4 and all, but the game does look interesting.

As you can see in the trailer below, it’s not just a videogame, it’s also a guitar tutor. Here’s hoping the game makes it out soon!

Game trailer