Handpresso for espresso coffee anywhere, anytime

The Handpresso range of portable, handheld espresso machines allow you to make a great cup of coffee anywhere, anytime – without the need for mains power or batteries. Instead, to power the espresso-making you use a hand pump, positioned in the handle, to get the pressure up, add boiling water and coffee, flick the on switch, and voila, you’re caffeinated!

There are three machines in the range – the Handpresso Wild ESE, that takes self-contained 7 gram coffee pods, the Handpresso Wild Dome Pod, that takes ground coffee, and the Handpresso Outdoor set (pictured left), comprising the Handpresso Wild ESE, 4 unbreakable cups, a 300 ml stainless steel thermos-flask, and 2 small napkins, all in a handy case.

ESE Pods

ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods, used in the Handpesso Wild ESE are widely available, and from a variety of makers. They include:

Grinders Coffee, Primo Coffee, Belaroma, Danes, Ilve, Aurigin, Bacino Espresso, Si Caffee, Caldo Caffe, Daily Grind, Essenzia, Gold Star, Gourmet Gold, La Crema Coffee, Punch Coffee, Mago Coffee, Peak Coffee, Merlo Coffee, Cisco’s Republica Coffee, 6 Star Coffee, Casa Del Cafe, Mokador Caffe


  • Handpresso Wild ESE – $199
  • Handpresso Wild Dome Pod – $199
  • Handpresso Outdoor set – $349