Hands-On: HTC HD2

HTC launched the HD2 this week, a new multimedia phone running on the Windows Mobile platform and sporting a huge 4.3 inch touchscreen.
Standout features of this new handset include the 1GHz Snapdragon processor for improved performance & speed, 5 megapixel camera, GPS and a 16GB microSD card in the box for more iPhone-like storage.

Then there are the surprising features, like the ability to use the handset as a wireless router. This means you can connect your laptop or game console to the HD2 and use it as the gateway to the internet.

Surprising feature number two involves how the HD2 rings. You know when you hear the phone ring, scramble to pick it up but just just miss catching the call? When the HD2 senses it’s in a dark location – like that of a pocket or a handbag – it rings longer and louder than it normally would. A nice touch, that.

HTC also provides “Sense UI”, which brings a fresh look to the conventional smartphone interface. You’ll see animated weather, multiple menu options, your calendar, and even an old-style flip-digit clock.

Access to the web on HTC’s HD2 is via Telstra’s NextG service, but the company has said this phone is unlocked for use with other providers.

We’re in the process of evaluating the HD2 right now, but for a quickie look-see, checkout the video from the product’s official launch.