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There are some things missing in our experience, mind you, and people used to image synchronisation for easy fixing between images — for quick brightness, contrast, colour, and so on — won’t find any love here, at least not yet, as image synchronisation doesn’t exist in Apple’s Photos at this time.

You can’t also make your own presets, though there are plenty of Apple’s presets available to you, with the easy colour and style adjustments providing different exposure, brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, and black point settings for you, with the ability to change these immediately after. You can, however, copy and paste settings, but only from image to image.

In essence, this means the presets provided to you are definitely customisable, but can’t be saved for automatic application.

White balance changes aren't an automatic thing either, with this panel found in the "advanced" section of Photos.

Not yet, anyway, because this is a beta, and it’s highly possible that Apple will roll this out when the beta reaches public consumption, which it will.

According to Apple, customers can expect a public beta of Apple Photos to arrive in the next few months, with official release some time in autumn.

That’ll be good news for people keen to get their hands on some non-destructive easy photo editing for free, while those of your with Aperture will be delighted to find out that it’s not being replaced, with Aperture to be supported for some time to come.