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This week, Dell let GadgetGuy take a sneak peek into its line-up, with some hot new computers showcasing new tech ready for customers to take a look at from November onwards.

First we took a look at the new 11 inch laptop Dell has coming your way in the next month or two.

Named as part of Dell’s XPS range, the XPS 11 shrinks the Ultrabook to a point where it’s no longer just a laptop, but also a tablet.

This has to be one of Dell’s most intriguing propositions, especially if you haven’t worked out which device you want more: laptop or tablet.

The XPS 11 does this with an 11 inch touchscreen sporting the 2560×1440 resolution that sits on a new type of hinge that isn’t just able to lie flat, but can be pushed all around so that the keyboard becomes the bottom of the unit, effectively turning the machine into a tablet.

It’s an interesting design, and one that certainly has our attention, not just due to its creativity, but also because it’s really light and even in a pre-production build, feels extremely solid.

The screen also looks very good, and with a resolution that is four times higher than standard HD (720p) in an 11 inch frame, it’s sure to impress.

For those who might be confused by the terms, Quad HD isn’t the same as Quad Full HD, with the former being four times the amount of pixels in a 720p display (in the XPS 11, that’s 3,686,400), while the latter is considered 4K or Ultra HD and supports four times the pixels in a Full HD 1080p display (in most displays, we’re talking 8,294,400 pixels).

One things holds us back in the design of the XPS 11, though, and that’s the keyboard.

To make this Ultrabook as thin as it is, Dell has moved on past a tactile keyboard and included one based on a touchpanel, closer to what Microsoft released in its Surface Covers.

To Dell’s credit, there are raised keys here and vibrating haptic feedback, as well as the addition of sound to tell you when you’re hitting a button, but it doesn’t feel like a regular button-based keyboard, and so will likely take some getting used to.