Hands-on with Dyson’s hot new fan

Just as Spring arrives, Dyson dropped in to give us a glimpse of a new product hitting American shores in time for the northern Winter.

The new Dyson Hot takes the blade-less patented Air Multiplier fan everyone loves and makes it more suitable for the cold, heating the air it sucks in to between 1 and 37 degrees to warm up a room.

Over 22 engineers worked for three years on the new Dyson product, eventually coming up with a fan heater designed to not only heat a room quickly, but to do so without producing odour.

“Other fan heaters rely on inefficient motors or dust friendly grills,” said James Dyson, founder of Dyson. “As the heat rises, you’re left with a partially heated room, and a worrying burning smell.”

Dyson dropped the new heater with us yesterday and we spent the day warming ourselves up with it.

Much like the Air Multiplier before it, you can put your hand through and  – because there are no blades – there’s no risk of injury. It’s also very quick to warm up, taking merely a few seconds to start pushing hot air in your direction at the chosen temperature.

A remote has also been supplied, making it easy to control the Dyson Hot from where ever you’re seated.

We particularly liked the safety options Dyson has built into this heater, with the sides being easy to touch and not hot like our regular heaters. An automatic cut-out switch has also been added, forcing the Dyson Hot to turn itself off if it’s ever tipped over.

Because it’s no longer Winter, Dyson won’t be selling the Hot in Australia until at least 2012, when it should see a release window some time after March. Pricing has not yet been determined.