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Surfing the web over Chrome, playing Angry Birds, checking Facebook, and doing pretty much anything else you normally do on your mobile can be shared to your TV, making the experience as big as your TV.

Take down memos, or draw a crazy hair style on your boss. It's your call.

The quick-memo feature or “QMemo” is also unique to LG, with an extra layer of interactivity thrown into the phone that allows you to take notes on top of what you’re doing.

It could be especially useful with needing to remember phone numbers, with you being able to quickly scrawl down the number in the memo feature on the handset, keep it overlaid on the screen, and then going into the phone dial pad, where you can easily see the numbers you needed to remember.

Most people know that display technology is getting better in mobile handsets, and LG is including a similar screen to what it produced for Apple in the iPhone 5, with a thinner screen that apparently has much better touch sensitivity and also works better in direct sunlight than other phones.

Over on the camera side, Australians will have an 8 megapixel camera in their smartphone, which can do some pretty neat things such as trigger when someone says “cheese” or take several photos before the shutter is pressed and during, constantly buffering like the smart shutter functionality we’re beginning to see in compact and mirror-less cameras.

The LG Optimus G (left) compared with the Samsung Galaxy S3 (right). This was taken with brightness settings set to the same, and we can see the LG pre-production unit is much brighter.

Even in the video section, we’ve seen some impressive stuff, with real-time zooming when you’re watching Full HD content on the Optimus G, and even the ability to change the opacity of a video, allowing you to watch TV shows or music videos while you’re browsing the web or tweeting.

All up, it’s an impressive phone, though it does come with a long wait time, with LG telling us that it won’t be here until early next year.

If nothing out there is really impressing you and staying with your current phone is fine by you, then it might be worth waiting, because LG is planning on coming back in a big way.