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Vodafone has this one as an exclusive for a while, however, so if you’re interested in the Moto X, you’ll need to go on at least an $83 per month plan, with this one arriving early September.

Next is a variant of the X Style for people who prefer battery life over those lovely individual looks, with the X Play.

Given the name, you’d expect this one prefers video and entertainment playback over style and design, and for the most part, that’s the general logic behind the existence of this one.

Motorola's X Style on the left, the X Play on the right.

Motorola’s X Style on the left, the X Play on the right.

Essentially, it is a very similar little box to the X Style, with an eight-core Snapdragon processor (615), 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, a microSD slot, and the same cameras, albeit without the front-facing flash.

The screen drops in size and resolution a little here, down from the 5.7 inch Quad HD of the X Style to a 5.5 inch Full HD, making it practically identical to what you’ll find on the iPhone 6 Plus, albeit running Android instead of iOS.

This phone, however, sports a 3630mAh battery, a bunch of numbers that technically equated to up to 48 hours of life, something most flagships can only dream of.


In the hands, this one offers a lovely little textured back with a fair degree of heft, weighing in at 169 grams, but still cupping well in the palm.

Vodafone will take a carrier exclusive on this one again, but you will find it at retail, too, with early September seeing this for either a minimum of $45 per month of an outright price of $569, making it a decent mid-range at the upper end of that category.


After seeing these, you might look at the flagships and say “yeah, they look awesome, but I don’t have the money for something expensive”.

You wouldn’t be alone in this fact, and the biggest sales for a Moto handset don’t go to the X’s. Rather, they’re focused squarely on the G, Motorola’s mid-range marvel that packs in everything you need and little of the extra gimmicks that make geeks smile when a new flagship is announced.