Because it’s the new “big” thing in displays, Ultra HD isn’t cheap, carrying a bigger than normal price tag for TVs and monitors, but Sharp’s 32 inch 4K screen takes this to a whole new level.

Big, heavy, and expensive: those are the three words we’d say describe Sharp’s PN-K322B to the T when you first see it, and try to pick it up out of the box.

Weighing just under 16 kilograms, it’s no small monitor, featuring a 32 inch diagonal screen and connected to a massive base with a two armed hinge, making it more reminiscent of the all-in-one computers out there with the versatility of a big tablet that you can also use as a screen.

Aside for supporting touch, which is a big deal on a screen this big, there is a massive resolution to work with, running 3840×2160, which is four times bigger than the standard Full HD screens you see on most monitors, but there’s also a warning for this: you’ll need a decent computer with an equally decent video card to handle this.

In the GadgetGuy offices, not even the 2013-era iMac could take this task on, running the UHD resolution with a jittery mouse, which would be enough for most, but didn’t make us happy.

Our Windows PCs — a Microsoft Surface Pro 2, and several different up-to-date laptops and tablets we were reviewing — didn’t cut it either, and we quickly came to realise that outside of a PC desktop with a whiz-bang video card or that amazeballs Mac Pro we checked out months ago, this is not going to be a resolution most people will be able to take advantage of.

For everyone else, however, the sharp PN-K322B will display Full HD nice and big on a display made for a higher resolution, operating through either of the two HDMI ports or the one DisplayPort connection.