You thought your Full HD TV was awesome? Wait until you see what the world of televisions has in store for you when we go hands-on with the next generation of high definition TVs: ultra-definition TV, or UDTV.

Announced last week at IFA in Germany, UDTV is literally the next big thing as far as TVs are concerned.

Images won't tell you how amazing the picture quality is. You'll just have to see it for yourself.

The new technology features a whopping eight million pixels and is roughly four times the resolution of Full HD, delivering 3840×2160 resolution and what is currently unparalleled picture quality. This higher definition picture comes with a new name – UDTV – and should be comparable to the picture quality seen at your local cinema, albeit on a smaller scale.

Both Sony and LG announced 84-inch models last week, but this week, it’s Sony that is letting us go eyes-on with the first model to land on Australian shores, and wow, is it impressive.

At 84 inches, the new TV is one of the biggest things you’ll ever put your eyes on for your home, and this thing is supposed to go in your living room.

You don't have to sit as far back as you'd think.

Like an Imax for your household, the screen is simply massive, showing a breathtaking level of detail that will absolutely blow your mind.