Hands on with Sony’s truly thin Tablet Z

The next tablet on the way from Sony is already looking good from the images we’ve seen of it, but up until last night, we hadn’t seen one with our own eyes. Now after a few minutes with one, we can safely say that we’re impressed.

Set to arrive next month, Sony’s Tablet Z is the next logical extension of the well-reviewed Xperia Z, a smartphone that brought with it a five inch Full HD screen (also the first Full HD smartphone launched in Australia).

Included hardware is relatively high-end, with Sony including a quad-core processor, Adreno 320 graphics processor, between 16 and 32GB RAM, and all the connectivity that the Xperia Z came with, such as Near-Field Communication, Bluetooth, Wifi, and even 4G LTE mobile broadband.

Design-wise, this is built to be thinner than the iPad Mini, while incorporating a screen that is much larger, featuring a 10.1 inch screen supporting 1920×1200 Full HD resolution, which makes it a 16:10 widescreen device.

Picking it up, the large screen is noticeable, but the weight is not, as this is one slick tablet. We barely got to play with it, but those few moments showed us just how lovely a feeling Sony has built into this tablet.

Thin and light are the words that spring to mind, and we suspect this is more of Sony’s “OmniBalance” design.

We’ll be looking forward to playing with the tablet more in the coming weeks as the unit rushes to retail, but until then, we’re hyped.