Harman/Kardon comes to homes and offices with a Bluetooth speaker

There’s an old saying that companies who work in one area generally know it best. Camera companies get cameras better than phone companies, for instance, and based on that idea, sound companies get sound better than others.

Harman/Kardon is a brand which knows sound, and for decades has built audio excellence for living rooms, so it’s particularly interesting to see HK come to the world of wireless speakers.

Built for homes and offices alike, the Esquire is Harman/Kardon’s attempt at bridging the HiFi and teleconferencing divide, fusing a bluetooth speaker with a built-in bass port for audio, with specially tuned microphones and noise-cancellation tech to make conference calls possible too.

“Today’s digital lifestyle means people carry their lives with them, but sound quality and functionality are often compromised,” said Sohan Karunaratne, Head of Marketing for Harman/Kardon’s Australian distributor, Convoy International.

“Now, a portable device no longer means poor sound quality. The new Harman/Kardon Esquire delivers a refined, crystal clear audio experience wherever consumers want to enjoy it.”

The speaker isn’t just a speaker, as it also includes a 10 hour rechargeable battery and a cable for providing three USB ports, making it capable of recharging a phone or tablet, too.

Harman/Kardon’s Esquire speaker looks relatively well made, too, with leather panels covering the sides of an aluminium chassis, but still packing in a carrying pouch to keep it looking good while in transit.

Near-Field Communication is included as well, making it easy to connect to supported devices, with an app available for iPhone, iPad, and Android to let you stream music to the speaker if handling Bluetooth is a touch daunting for you.

Pricing for the Esquire comes in at $349, with availability in Apple stores.