Harman’s Esquire speaker shrinks for suits and suitcases

Harman/Kardon grabbed our attention earlier in the year with a leather backed speaker, but if it was a little too big, there’s a pint-sized portrayal coming shortly.

Big speakers aren’t always the way for everyone, and Harman/Kardon is hoping more people think that way with the Esquire Mini, a smaller and more compact version of its Esquire from earlier on, with many of the same features.

Those features include Bluetooth stereo for wireless streaming, a brushed aluminium finish along the edges, leather backing, two microphones for using the speaker as a conference gadget, and even a small battery to charge your smartphone from the speaker.

“The Harman/Kardon Esquire Mini is a bold, state-of-the-art audio solution, perfect for the on-the-go professional whether at home or in the boardroom,” said Sohan Karunaratne, Head of Marketing for Harman’s Australian distributor, Convoy International.

“No attention-to-detail has been spared – from the line-up of premium materials and craftsmanship, to the chic urban styling of its uni-body design.”

We’re told the battery can survive up to eight hours of playback, and there’s even a stand built in, as well as a leather strap for keeping the speaker on your wrist, two features missing from the original Esquire.

The price is also a little different, as this is a smaller unit, with the Harman/Kardon Esquire Mini coming in at $229.99.

Availability is right now, though, so if you’re looking for a premium Bluetooth speaker, there’s a good chance this might come up in your search.