Harvey drops the cost of the Nikon J1 for a limited time

Like you, we’re big fans of getting stuff for cheaper prices, which is why our wallets nearly jumped out of our pockets when we saw the price drop one Australian retailer has for a recent camera.

Last week, Harvey Norman cut its games prices for two days, offering any currently released title for half price. This week, the store is cutting the cost of the Nikon J1 twin-lens camera kit, Nikon’s first-generation mirror-less interchangeable lens camera with both the 10-30mm and 30-110mm lenses. According to Harvey’s site, the camera comes in this week at $498, with the offer only available online, although store pick-up is an option.

Nikon Australia doesn’t have a recommended retail price for its kits at the moment, instead asking customers to find the best deal. As it currently stands, Ted’s is one of the few local places we could find that even offered the kit Harvey is selling, and it is charging five cents short of a grand ($999.95). One of Australia’s leading electronics retailers – JB HiFi – doesn’t even have an online listing for the twin-lens J1 kit, instead selling the 10-30mm single lens with camera for $646.

Also available in white, although not with the 10mm lens at this price.


Harvey’s drop in price certainly represents an interesting plan of attack from the retailer, especially when the “Harvey Norman” brand hasn’t exactly been the leader in cheap pricing. We’re curious to see how long Harvey Norman will actually keep this up and if the cost-cutting will extended throughout its product range.

Those of you not interested in plonking money down at Harvey Norman should probably see if other electronics and camera retailers will match the price.

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