HD movies on Blu-ray

DVD has served us well for a decade, but now there is an even better format.

You can’t really have high definition home entertainment unless you have a high definition ‘source’. Of course, there is material on the internet, and there is HDTV, but by far the best way to get high quality video and sound is from Blu-ray.

Better pictures

Remember, regular DVDs cannot deliver high definition video. Good as they are, they are limited to the same standard definition resolution used by analog and basic digital TV broadcasts.

Blu-ray, though, delivers content with a resolution of up to 1920 by 1080 pixels, or five times that of DVD. We say ‘up to’ because, although every title we’ve seen so far features this resolution, their specifications also permit a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (called 720p).

This higher resolution allows them to deliver gorgeously sharp and detailed pictures, even with a large projection screen. On a 127 cm (50 inch) full high definition plasma or LCD TV, they are magnificent. To further improve picture quality, many of the discs use one of two new approved digital video standards that have been developed since the DVD appeared. These allow higher quality video to fit into a smaller space than the system used by DVD.

Blu-ray also provides for advanced special features and improved sound.

Blu-ray and DVD compared

Blu-ray vs DVD