HDHomeRun network digital TV tuner box – watch and record TV on your computer

The HDHomeRun, a network digital TV tuner box that receives free-to-air digital TV and streams it to desktop and laptop PC via a local network for viewing and recording, is now available in Australia.

The HDHomeRun is the first product of its kind to use computers on a home network to watch digital TV remotely without installing any TV tuner hardware and connecting an aerial directly to the computer. To watch or record digital TV on their computers remotely, users simply tune into the HDHomeRun device through their Media Centre software. It is compatible with Mac or Windows PCs and streams full broadcast high definition resolution (1080i). Recently released at CES in Las Vegas in January 2009, HDHomeRun is now available in Australia directly from www.hdhomerun.com.au and through major IT retailers.

With a footprint size slightly bigger than a DVD case, the HDHomeRun hides among other set top devices and features 2 HD digital TV tuners and an Ethernet port at the back for connecting it to a home network. The twin HD tuners allow 2 computers on the network to connect to the device and watch or record TV. The receiving and decoding of the TV signal is all processed by HDHomeRun. The box streams the TV signal via an Ethernet or wireless network to any computer wanting to watch TV. This allows the viewer to use a computer as a TV anywhere within a home network without being tethered by an antenna cable.

Among its other functions, users have the ability to record digital TV to the computer and “timeshift” by pausing live TV, rewinding and fast forwarding using a Media Centre software on their computer, and a remote control. Multiple HDHomeRuns can be strung together providing additional TV Tuners to allow for more viewers on the network.


  • Watch & record digital TV simultaneously, or record 2 channels
  • Timeshifting – Pause, fast-forward & rewind live TV
  • Twin HD Digital TV tuners – Tuners are automatically allocated to multiple computers (1 computer per tuner)
  • Streams full broadcast resolution, up to 1080i high definition with degrading in quality
  • Multiple HDHomeRun units can be used together to expand the number of tuners
  • Record hours of digital TV on your hard drive for viewing, archiving & editing
  • Supports free-to-air (DVB-T) digital TV
  • Compatible with Windows XP & Vista MCE, Media Portal, BeyondTV, Sage TV, GBPVR and TotalMedia media center software.
  • Can also be used with Mac computers

Pricing, availability & compatibility

The recommended retail price for the HDHomeRun is $299.00 inc.GST, and it is available now at the HD HomeRun website. It comes with 2 RF coax cables, an Ethernet cable, software CD and a power cable. Total Media DVR, HDHomeRun Manager and 32 or 64bit BDA (Broadcast Driver Architecture) drivers can also be downloaded.

Users are required to have a Media Center software or compatible TV tuner software to watch and record TV from HDHomeRun.

Source: Lako Pacific