Head On: The Aussie headband headphones

One of the things you don’t often hear out of people’s mouths is “my headphones are so comfortable, I could sleep with them on.”

To be honest, if we tried that with half the headphones around the office, we’d be strangled and dead by morning.

However, one new gadget aims to put this to bed.

The Halo headphones are a new Australian designed headphone idea that puts headphones inside of a headband. This lets you use them when you’re running or if you wanted to sleep with sound coursing through your ear canals. ”

In essence, you have a mostly cord free comfy set of sound that just sits by your ear. We say “mostly cord free” because there’s always going to be a cord hanging at the back of your neck with the Halo Headphones.

The headphones are pushed inside the lining of the headband.
The headphones are pushed inside the lining of the headband.

We’ve been playing with the Halo headphones for today and have found them interesting. While we’re not sure if they’re fashionable, they’re probably a lot better looking than the giant robot-like clunky things you wear in public.

As for the sound quality, while the packaging proudly states “Outstanding high fidelity sound,” all we can agree with is that it has sound. Audio here isn’t tinny, but you will probably need to play with equaliser settings to provide depth. That said, if you bring the sound levels high enough, the sound isn’t too bad given that the speakers are behind the mesh of the headband.

How would you look with them on? GadgetGuy's Nathan is our model for the occasion.
How would you look with them on?

Then there’s the question of “look”. While we hear that other headbands will be available at $15 each, the one our model came with was black and had “HALO” stitched across, making our test model look a little like an Xbox obsessed gamer. We haven’t tried running with them on, but at least two people here at GadgetGuy have noted that this would get really sweaty quickly given the thin fabric used.

With an RRP of $49.95, the Halo headphones are certainly an interesting idea, but we cant help but think the headband could be a little bit thicker and made out of a more sweat-resistant technology.