Hello, Foxtel? I’d like a movie please.

Foxtel yesterday announced its iQ and iQ2 subscribers can now order scheduled Foxtel Box Office movies via the phone and also online, without the need to have a working home phone line return path connected to the set-top-unit.

Previously iQ and iQ2 subscribers who did not have a connected return path installed were unable to order Foxtel Box Office movies.

Foxtel Box Office’s subscribers now have three ways to order a movie:

  • Using the remote control (for subscribers with a connected return path)
  • By calling 1300 783 833 and following the prompts
  • Ordering online using “My Account” at www.foxtel.com.au

Foxtel Executive Director of Sales and Product Development, Patrick Delany said, “This is wonderful and exciting news for iQ and iQ2 subscribers who are now able to order Foxtel Box Office movies without the need for a home phone line.

“Our technical team have changed the order signal to be sent via the Foxtel connection rather than the phone landline. This overcomes the issue of ordering a movie without a home phone line and addresses the issue with subscribers who only have a mobile phone connection.”

To order Foxtel Box Office movies online, current subscribers must register their details at My Foxtel to get a web account which allows access to the services of My Account, Remote Record and the Foxtel Preview Newsletter.

iQ and iQ2 subscribers with a working return path can also continue to order Foxtel Box Office movies using their remotes. iQ2 subscribers must have a working return path to order On Demand movies.

Foxtel’s Box Office service offers a wide range of movies which are screened for the first time on Australian TV and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home to watch. Movies are shown in widescreen and digital stereo, some with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.

For iQ2 subscribers without a working return path, this new functionality only enables them to order Foxtel Box Office near Video On Demand movies, these subscribers will still not be able to order HD movies from the Foxtel Box Office HD On Demand menu via the phone.