The Beatles now on all major streaming music services

It didn’t really matter which music service you opted for in the past few years, if you wanted The Beatles, you were out of luck. At the end of this year, however, that has now changed.

Whether you have just a passing interest in the boys from Liverpool, you love a few songs, or you’re a massive Beatles fan to the point where “Beatlesmania” actively describes how you feel when you switch on to an everything Beatles-inspired life, if you have a subscription to a streaming music service, there’s a good chance you can listen to the Fab Four (and not the tribute band “The Fab Four” from California, either, though they’re on streaming music services, too).

Yes, this week, Apple Music — as distinct from Apple Computers — is giving the gift of The Beatles, delivering access to the catalogue of The Beatles across quite a few streaming services.


Set to go live at 12.01AM December 24 in every nation that has one of the included streaming services, this means Aussies have access to The Beatles albums now, evident to this writer when he logged into Google Play Music and saw “The Beatles” staring back at him.

This means records like “Abbey Road”, “Yellow Submarine”, “The White Album”, “Revolver”, “Rubber Soul”, and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” are all available on the music services, and if the lack of Beatles music was one of the things holding you back from investing in one of the many music services out there, you now have less of a reason.

We’re not seeing everything Beatles on the list, that said, with both of BBC’s Live albums missing in action, as well as the “Love” album from the Cirque du Soleil show not on the list connected with the artist’s name, but we’re sure these will get filled in eventually by the rights holders, too.

Google Play Music's Beatles section
Google Play Music’s Beatles section

As for how you can get your Beatles listening on, Aussies will find the 13 main Beatles albums available to them via the popular services of Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play, with Deezer and Tidal also getting access to the music, too.

Oh, and it’s live now, making it here, there, and everywhere, and depending on the strength of an internet connection, even possibly across the universe, too.