HGST’s portable drives go for speed in a small size

Most people probably don’t think about transfer rates when they’re buying an external drive for their computer, but a new range from the Hitachi owned HGST will give you a reason to consider it.

External drives aren’t created equal from all companies, and HGST, also known as “Hitachi Global Storage Technologies,” plans to point it out, with a new range of external storage solutions that throw 7200RPM hard drives into aluminium cases, for maximum speed and portability.

“Computers, tablets and smartphones may come and go, but personal data remains, and continues to grow daily, which is why people need reliable storage solutions to help store, protect and manage their most valued content,” said Mike Williams, Vice President and General Manager at HGST Innovative Solutions Group.

“Featuring popular new colours and a sleek design, our new Touro S drive family not only gives users colour options to match their style and personality, it gives them multiple storage options with the best performance, capacity and reliability for their digital lives.”

The drives are small, as you’d expect a notebook drive to be, and aside for the either 500GB or 1TB of storage that they offer, also come with 3GB of online cloud-based backup for free.

But you might be wondering about the drive numbers, so why does that whole 7200RPM thing matter on hard drives?

“7200 RPM has faster data transfer rates,” said David Chua, HGST’s Director of Distribution of our region.

“Comparatively, the data transfer rate for 7200 RPM is 136 MB per second, while for 5400 RPM it is 80 to 110 MB per second,” he said, adding “this results in time saved for a better workflow efficiency.”

That might have been lots of numbers for you, but it basically means a 7200RPM drive will save you time and shave minutes off your transfer process.

It’s a big deal, too, especially when you consider that most external hard drives — and a lot of laptop and desktop internal hard drives — operate at the slower 5400RPM speed, with manufacturers betting that customers just won’t need the extra burst of speed.

For a lot of people, that may well be the case, but if you definitely prefer faster drives, HGST has its Touro drives available now, retailing for $99.95 for a 500GB, and $119.95 for the 1TB version.