High definition videocameras – for the Olympics and more

What if you will be watching the 2008 Beijing Olympics not on HDTV, but with your very own eyes. Yes, this is for those of you who are going to be jumping on an aeroplane in a few short weeks from now, flying to Beijing and seeing it all for yourself.

But surely you will want help recalling your Olympics experience, plus the other sights that you will no doubt enjoy while you are there. That’s where a camcorder comes in.

Today you can purchase a videocamera for less than $2,000 that is smaller and lighter than anything available five years ago – and offers full high definition to boot!

Yes, the days of the fuzzy home video are gone. You can record events from the Olympic Games – as well as your trek along a section of the Great Wall – in high quality high definition video.

Things have moved on since digital video first came into camcorders. HD camcorders no longer rely on tape, with all its problems in rewinding and finding the correct place in a video. Instead the new generation of HD camcorders give you a choice of three different recording media.