Hisense 2023 TV range goes all-in on Mini-LED to take on OLED

Hisense 2023 TV range Mini-LED X

This year, the Hisense 2023 TV range is going all-in on Mini-LED technology, making it the headline act of the company’s CES announcements this week.

Remember back a few years ago when no one could imagine a better TV technology than OLED? LED TVs were considered inferior because of their reduced light control, despite the brighter pictures that the LED backlighting made possible. But now Mini-LED is coming for OLED’s crown, with minuscule LEDs now allowing for better light control along with those brighter pictures.

The full 2023 Hisense ULED range will come in 55”-98” sizes and feature Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+ and IMAX Enhanced certification. Having all three forms of HDR on board is still very unusual in the Australian market (most TVs here only have HDR10+ and/or Dolby Vision).

For those unfamiliar with IMAX Enhanced, it’s an HDR format that also adjusts the aspect ratio. On the hardware side, it involves “900 tests” to be certified, rather than just purchasing a licence (like Dolby Vision). On the streaming side, IMAX Enhanced streams use a different file that offers the IMAX version of the film, will smaller black bars and a 1.90:1 aspect ratio (different to the 1.43:1 aspect ratio of IMAX cinemas, and closer to the 19:1 of regular TVs), giving you a little more of the scene than the usual stream. Though, not all films and TV shows are available in IMAX Enhanced, so purchasers will need to find out if their preferred content and platform can make the most of it.

The full range will also have a bunch of features aimed at gamers, like 144Hz, Variable Refresh Rate, AMD FreeSync Premium, Auto Low Latency Mode, and HDMI 2.1 (which is required to get the most out of the latest gaming consoles).

Also across the Australian range is the updated VIDAA U7 operating system, which is different to the US Hisense TVs which usually have Google TV.

The Hisense 2023 TV to look out for

The hero of the Hisense 2023 TV range, which also marks ULED’s 10th anniversary, will be the 85” Mini-LED X TV. It has 20,000 backlights delivering 2500+ nits of brightness over 5,000 dimming zones, on what the brand calls a “Dynamic X Display” using a proprietary “Hi-View X Engine”. That extra brightness is important, because it’s one of the key ingredients for getting a good HDR picture.

The flagship TV will also have a 16-bit neural processor capable of upscaling content. One of the big features of the Dynamic X Display is a significant reduction in reflections. When it comes to audio, the TV will also have 4.1.2 speakers built-in, promising ‘true surround sound’ and Dolby Atmos, thanks to the upward-firing speakers.

While release dates haven’t been revealed yet, most of the Hisense ULED TVs are likely to be available in stores in the first half of the year.

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