Hisense big-screen TV 2022

Hisense TV

With picture sizes from 32 to 120 inches, Hisense big-screen TVs pack the latest in display tech. ULED, Mini LED, TriChroma Laser TV… there’s a perfect model waiting for you, to upgrade your epic cinematic experience in any room of the house.

Epic? That’s right – the bigger the TV, the more immersive the entertainment. And the immersion only becomes more detailed with 4K and true 8K displays. Incredible resolution, yes, but also incredible picture quality, thanks to HDR, innovative backlight technology, and more.

As for connectivity, Hisense big-screen TVs support epic sound with Dolby Atmos and the no-compromise HDMI 2.1 standard for gamers and other high-end kit.

Why bigger is better

You’ve heard the saying “bigger is better” when it comes to TVs, but what makes it so true? In 2022, it starts with the importance of the TV when it comes to your content.

Thanks to streaming services, your TV has become king of content like never before – it’s home to the best new movies, the best new shows, epic new sports coverage, and of course videogames. And that’s just new content! On a 4K or 8K display, classic films remastered into UHD have never looked better. In fact, it’s hard to believe the humble TV used to be called ‘the small screen’.

Going big doesn’t mean losing image quality or seeing pixels, though. With 4K and HDR, and Dolby Vision, movies are bright and detailed – they look great on a 55 inch TV, but on 75 inches or higher? It’s breathtaking.

There’s lots of 4K content to experience on your Hisense big-screen TV, but 8K is coming – and with four times the resolution of 4K, 8K really is the bigger TV’s killer feature. Can’t wait? You can get an 8K Hisense TV today, and take advantage of AI-powered upscaling to near-8K quality.

Combine a really big TV with ultra-high-definition content, and you have entertainment that’s more immersive, because it covers more of your visual field – and that makes everything feel more real.

You can also sit back at a comfy distance because when it comes to getting that cinematic experience, the Hisense range has a TV to suit every room in the house.

Naturally, a Hisense big-screen TV supports big sound too.

Big audio has led big-screen TVs for years, with multichannel sound, huge bass, and crystal-clear quality. The latest innovation is Dolby Atmos, which uses up-firing speakers to create a 3D audio image around the listener. It’s a big idea that needs a big TV to match – and Hisense big-screen TVs support Dolby Atmos out of the box.

They also support Dolby Vision, which provides even more accurate audio positioning by reading a special datastream included with your content. It’s technical, it sounds awesome, and Hisense big-screen TVs are on board to give you the very best viewing experience with any content.

How big should I go?

If the rule is “bigger is better”, then the first question to ask when upgrading to a Hisense big-screen TV is: How big should I go?

Generally, any TV over 55 inches is considered a big-screen TV, but the perception of how big a display looks, is very much relative to your space. By which we mean: the room in which you watch TV!

Up to 120 inches: Laser TV

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated cinema room or media room, then the choice is simple.

Take advantage of all that space and choose a Hisense Laser TV. These short-throw projectors can display at 100 or even 120 inches and have a custom wall-mounted screen that rejects ambient light and offers a viewing angle of up to 150 degrees.

And if colour reproduction and pure quality is a focus for you, choose a Hisense TriChroma Laser TV, with three lasers to produce almost as many colours the human eye can see.

Laser TVs also have a role in a main living space that has a large wall available. With its Ambient Light Rejecting Daylight screen, a Hisense Laser TV can still project 100 inches, and the picture will be bright, detailed, and have great colour – even in rooms that let in a lot of sunlight.

85 inches: ULED Mini LED and ULED TV

Can’t quite clear the space for 100+ inches? An 85 inch Mini LED TV is still huge, bright even in sunlight, and the detail is amazing. In a big room, 85 inches won’t look tiny in the corner, but the super-thin design makes sure it won’t dominate either. TVs like this look best when wall-hung, but an elegant stand with streamlined cable management makes it work on a low console, too.

You might think smaller rooms don’t deserve (or just can’t handle) the big screen treatment… but have you tried a 65 inch TV in the bedroom? At 65 inches, the TV isn’t too bulky, but the picture feels even bigger in that smaller space. It’s also the size at which you really start to notice the detail advantages of 4K and 8K, although you can still get a pretty good sense of this with a 55 inch TV too.

75 inches: Mini LED and ULED TV

Finally, there’s the backroom, family room, rumpus, whatever you call it – not the main TV watching space, maybe a bit of a party space. For here, 75 inches is perfect. Small enough to feel out of the way when you don’t want it, but still super epic, especially for live sport.

This kind of setup is also where a quality soundbar comes into its own. Give the rumpus room epic surround sound, but without the worry of satellite speakers being constantly nudged or bumped (and a lot less cabling too). For instance, the Hisense U5120G Dolby Atmos Soundbar gives you that 3D spatial sound, with simple setup and no clutter.

65 inches: the start line for gaming

Oh, and gamers? Hisense hasn’t forgotten you. Gaming is the content that lets you mess with the formula the most, since you can position your gaming chair however you want relative to the TV. That said, 65 inches and above is where gamers should aim, but what’s really important are the processing extras, such Hisense’s game modes which make gameplay smoother and reduce input lag. Many of Hisense big-screen TVs also feature HDMI 2.1 ports and support Game Mode Pro, which is essential for next-gen gaming.

What’s everyone else buying?

Aussies are demanding bigger TVs as our content options continue to grow. More streaming services are joining the market, and movies and shows in 4K (sometimes called UHD) and with HDR support, are now common.

What’s more, the market is heavily anticipating more 8K content, and wants to be ready. And even more so than 4K, 8K content is set to define what “really, really big screen TV” is all about. 

All new TVs benefit from the latest in image processing, backlighting, interface, and other tech. In the case of Hisense TVs, along with picture quality, upscaling, and connectivity, those innovations include the VIDAA U6 interface, smartphone control, and support for Dolby Vision.

Point is, a TV upgrade means a big boost in tech, functionality, and image quality. So why not go bigger at the same time?

With 55, 65, 75, 85 inch ULED and Mini LED models – and the epic 100 and 120 inch Laser TVs – Hisense has a big screen TV for everyone. 

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