Massive 300-inch projector coming to living rooms soon

Hisense C1 projector

Projectors and TVs are only getting bigger and bigger, making it easier to create your very own home cinema. At the recent IFA 2023 tech expo in Berlin, we saw up close some of what Hisense is bringing to your living room and beyond, including its eye-catching C1 projector.

Earlier in the year, Hisense showcased a wide range of home appliances, from TVs and projectors to fridges and laundry machines. Much of this is available in Australia right now, but it’s what’s coming next that’s most exciting.

To summarise what to expect: even bigger screens. That’s for TVs and projectors, as larger display technology becomes more viable for companies and customers alike. A 300-inch picture in your living room may sound farfetched, but it’s not as far out of reach as you may think.

Hisense C1 projects a huge image

Projectors bring a cinema-like experience to the home already, but what if you could take it even further? One of the tech demos at IFA 2023 showed two Hisense short-throw Laser projectors combining to produce a 200-inch ultra-wide image.

Using a similar screen-blending technology to that used by the Samsung Freestyle projectors, you wouldn’t even know the image came from two separate devices. This seamlessly combined mega image also uses pre-existing Hisense projectors. In other words, it’s entirely possible that your projector may support the feature when it rolls out publicly.

If 200 inches isn’t enough for your home theatre, how about 300 inches? On display at Hisense’s IFA 2023 booth was the C1 Pro, a box-shaped projector capable of producing a 300-inch 4K image. Aside from the obviously huge picture size, it also supports dynamic adjustments to avoid objects on the wall. This includes things like light switches, to ensure the projector automatically fits the image to your available wall space.

For those who prefer a traditional TV, Hisense has a 100-inch version of its U7 Mini LED TV coming soon to Australia. We recently reviewed a smaller version of the U7, an affordable way to benefit from the brighter picture produced by Mini LED technology.

Connect Life smart appliances

Increasingly more home appliances connect wirelessly to your smart devices, with the aim of being able to control and monitor everything in one place. For Hisense, that’s through the ConnectLife platform. As we saw earlier in the year, air conditioners, washing machines, and fridges all let you ensure the smooth operation of your home using the ConnectLife app. Newly shown at IFA, there’s even a fridge on the way with a screen that gives you control over other ConnectLife appliances.

A lot of the cool display and smart home technology is already here in Australia. For a glimpse at what the near future looks like, check out our YouTube video of the IFA 2023 show floor. We’ll also update you as we find out when the demoed tech makes its way to local shores.

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