Hisense delivers a frost-free fridge that saves money when you’re on holiday

There’s one gadget in your house that takes its toll on your electricity bill and you can’t turn it off: the refrigerator. While it’s ever important to keep this thing powered, Hisense has come up with a feature to reduce energy wastage and bring smiles to the face of your bank account.

Arriving later this month, Hisense’s HR6BMFF520 and HR6MBFF435 don’t have the most attractive of names, but are still designed to look stylish enough while still being intelligent about how they deal with energy.

Different only in size and finish, the 520 and 435 litre models (hence the numbers in the model name) are frost-free fridges with the freezer sitting at the bottom, and include an ultra fast “Super Freeze” option that has been designed to cool down and freeze food more quickly, effectively locking in vitamins before they perish in the process.

Hisense’s “Super Cool” function does something similar, cooling down food to the temperature in the fridge so as to reduce waste.

People heading out of the country will be keen to see the “Holiday Mode,” however, something you can switch on if you know you’re going to be away for a while.

Switching this mode on adjusts the temperature inside the fridge, bringing it up a few degrees while keeping the freezer at the same temperature, with all of this aimed at helping drop energy costs in the process.

There are limits to what you can keep in the fridge with holiday mode, however, and Hisense suggests before switching this on to remove all perishables because they could spoil.

Regardless, the new fridges will be hitting appliance retailers later this month, starting at $1199 and ranging to $1499.