Why a Hisense Mini-LED TV is ideal for the Australian living room

Hisense Mini-LED TV U7 Australian living room

Modern televisions come with many different types of technology, particularly relating to how a panel produces its picture. For 2023, all of Hisense’s ULED TVs include Mini-LED technology. This is because of its powerful brightness control and versatility across all sorts of content, which makes a Hisense Mini-LED TV the ideal choice for the Australian living room.

Why Mini-LED?

An emerging TV technology, Mini-LED provides a great alternative thanks to containing thousands of backlights to produce stunningly bright and vibrant pictures. Many Australian homes let natural light in as part of their design, but this makes it challenging to create the perfect home cinema experience. One major advantage Mini-LED has over other technology is its ability to generate beautiful image detail, clarity, and depth without needing to darken a room.

With Mini-LED, you can enjoy the warm afternoon sun coming through the window and watch the latest movies without missing a thing. No more having to dim or turn off all the lights to appreciate the cinematography of dark scenes, and glare while gaming is a non-issue.

Available across the entire 2023 Hisense ULED TV range, Mini-LED technology is more than an alternative: it is the perfect centrepiece for Australian living rooms.

Go bigger and brighter with Mini-LED X

For the best experience possible, the flagship 85-inch Mini-LED X is Hisense’s most detailed display to come Down Under. Lighting the panel are 20,000 backlights producing over 2,500 nits of brightness across more than 5,000 dimming zones. Not only is this phenomenally bright, but it also offers a substantial level of brightness control, perfect for watching HDR content where you want high contrast between light and dark pictures.

Hisense Mini-LED TV X Australian living room
Mini-LED X technology delivers an even brighter picture to enhance your viewing experience

This level of precision is enabled by Hisense’s proprietary Hi-View X Engine, which is powered by a 16-bit neural processor. Through this engine, ultra-refined upscaling is made possible with all content, utilising 65,536 levels of brightness. Additionally, the 85-inch Mini-LED X TV uses the new Dynamic X Display, resulting in five times less reflection alongside over a billion unique colours. HDR10+, Dolby Vision IQ, and IMAX Enhanced certification ensures that you get a truly brilliant picture.

Great picture quality needs the audio quality to match, which Hisense achieves through CineStage X Surround. It’s a technology that uses the TV’s built-in 4.1.2 true surround sound via upfiring and side speakers. This provides Dolby Atmos performance and immerses you in the sound accordingly with the on-screen action.

Hisense Mini-LED TV for everyone

Hisense has Mini-LED TVs for everyone because it’s important that high quality is attainable to all budgets. With models ranging between 55-98 inches, the entire 2023 ULED range includes Mini-LED technology. This means you can enjoy HDR10+, Dolby Vision IQ, and IMAX Enhanced certified content through the TV that best suits your home.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a TV suited to an Australian living room if it didn’t handle sports and gaming, which the Hisense ULED TV has all the features you need. AI Sports Mode is built for hardcore sports fans, so you can enjoy the game in high quality, whatever code or team you support. Hisense’s latest TVs ensure maximum gaming performance, with 144Hz Variable Refresh Rate, AMD FreeSync Premium, Auto Low Latency Mode, and HDMI 2.1 inputs all supported. No worrying about input lag or screen tearing, just pure gaming performance.

An updated user interface to match

Packed in with the entire 2023 Hisense Mini-LED range is the latest edition of the brand’s bespoke operating system, VIDAA U7. It delivers personalised content for you, while adding new apps like Binge, Apple TV+, Britbox, and 9Now alongside the existing range of apps. More is on the way, too, to ensure Hisense provides an all-in-one entertainment solution.

Another welcome inclusion comes in the form of AirPlay 2. Whether you’re Apple or Android, you can easily stream content from your devices direct to the TV.

Hisense Mini-LED TV Australian range

Built as a versatile display to suit the diverse Australian way of life, the 2023 Hisense Mini-LED range of ULED TVs fits your needs, not the other way around. For an affordable TV that consistently delivers high-quality pictures all year round, no matter the external factors, Mini-LED delivers. That’s why the latest Hisense Mini-LED TVs suit the everyday Australian home.

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